We have a problem.

Technology has connected us but has still not united us. We spend an ever-increasing amount of time in front of screens in ways that tear down our sense of community. We are confronted with global challenges that can feel impossible in their scale and scope. 

A solution is coming.

We are in development building a new way for communities to come on line. Powerful state-of-the-art solutions for change makers, community leaders, and non-profits.


Make community organizing easy and fun.


Collaboration on a community-wide and global scale.

Make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.

Buckminster Fuller

Where games and the real world merge.

What’s possible with the full power of humanity playing “service” together?

Serve Community leverages the power of game architecture to inspire, organize, and reward real world impact.

Our notion of how much social engagement we can expect from an ordinary person increases dramatically when gameful thinking meets smart technology.

Jane McGonigal

Local Tools for Global Impact

We have carefully crafted management and organization solutions to meet the needs of local communities while taking on global initiatives. In this we recognize the need to engage younger leaders. We have used what we have learned working with millennials on and off campuses through our non-profit, Hustlers for Humanity, to create solutions uniquely designed to engage and empower the next generation.

Simple Solutions

Make it easy.

Impact Tracking

Watch your impact.

Our Magic

Through our non-proft, Hustlers for Humanity, we discovered the secrets to effectively organize volunteerism. 

5 Years Invested

Hundreds of Volunteers United

Dozens of Non-Profits Served

Thousands of Hours Volunteered

Millions of Dollars Raised

Now we are automating the process.


Core Team

Matt Turner
Matt Turner


Matt Turner has invested 20 years coaching youth, leading volunteer teams and inspiring civic engagement in local communities. In 2009, his focus shifted to understanding a deeper sense of identity and spirituality. He began studying consciousness and the power of the mind, and asking the deeper questions in life such as “Who Am I” and “Why am I here?” What emerged was a deep-seeded passion for raising global consciousness, and a desire to create new systems that reflect the inherent unity in all people, the planet and life itself. He is devoted to creating a new conscious paradigm that brings humanity together. He co-founded Hustlers for Humanity to unite the residents of Santa Barbara through play and service with huge success in inspiring Millennials.

Carlen Young

Carlen Young

Chief Architect

Carlen is passionate about merging the worlds of community psychology, education, and human-computer interaction.  His focus is on increasing civic engagement, creating spaces and opportunities for authentic connection, and facilitating the process of empowerment by structurally building these systems into day-to-day interactions.

As the co-founder of DiviniTree Yoga, and a psychology research associate with the University of California, Santa Cruz, Carlen spent the last decade exploring group dynamics, community building, and the process of empowerment. He has brought the cumulation of this knowledge to Serve Community; as a  member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation; and as an advisor to mission aligned incubators and projects focused on aligning new technology with empowered communities. 

Daniel Colantonio

Daniel Colantonio

Chief Community Organizer

Daniel was born and raised in the Boston area, and studied political science + philosophy at Boston University. He moved to California in 2007, which began a decade-long pursuit of spiritual development. Daniel has spent much of the past 20 years coaching both youth and professionals, in sports, sales + marketing, and community service + development. Combining his passions for community and team-building, in 2014 he co-created Hustlers for Humanity, a community service team that has recruited hundreds of volunteers, and supported dozens of Santa Barbara nonprofits. A strategic visionary thinker, his work is focused on uniting humanity and developing communities.

Jon Ramer

Jon Ramer

Chief Technology Officer

Jon is founder of Compassion Games International, which connects over 400 Compassionate Cities worldwide. Jon also co-founded SINE, which provides team and community leaders with resources to maximize impact. Recent organizer of the Peace Wave Summit  , Jon brings his understanding of Deep Social Networks  and background in designing and engineering complex synergistic systems to the team.

David Hofstatter

David Hofstatter

Chief Value Officer

David Hofstatter is Executive Chairman of P4P Energy.  He is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years experience ranging from ideation to IPO and beyond.  In 2012 he co-founded www.tanglelab.com, a social enterprise incubator operating in Santa Barbara, Aspen and Montreal, providing  active impact investment and mentorship to a number of projects and organizations focused on collective intelligence approaches to innovation at the ecosystem, platform, and application level.  His projects are highly collaborative across core technology, software and physical infrastructures and tap into the rich impact and financial rewards of regenerative whole systems.


Yuan Wang

Yuan Wang

Game Designer

Yuan Wang is a technologist, manifestation architect, author and entrepreneur who designs systems and transformational experiences that help humanity play its way to Abundance. For over two decades, Yuan designed, coded and operated some of the most popular 3D video games in history including Descent, LucasArts’ Jedi Knight and World of Warcraft. He has built multiple startups, served as an executive at Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and Midway Games and is currently a co-founder, executive, and advisor for multiple cryptocurrency and human performance technology companies.

Anya Farquhar

Anya Farquhar

Creative Director

A creative director born of two scientists,  Anya ensures all  of her projects have logical proof and excellent research. She has over a decade of experience building brands with a social impact, from on-the-ground at the United Nations to design projects for start-ups in NY, SF, and LA. As the Creative Director of TOMS, for the first six years, she led the brand and creative team of over 20 people as it grew from a start-up to a multi-million dollar company.

George Orbelian

George Orbelian

Tech Development / Advisor

George is a board member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, an advisor to San Francisco State University School of International Business, and co-founder of Ojingo Labs, Inc., a company creating large-scale social / mobile / web technology.  Through a strategic partnership, Ojingo Labs will be building the core architecture of the Serve Community platform.

David Gershon

David Gershon

Strategic Partner / Advisor

David Gershon, co-founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute has been called “the number one expert on social change.” He applies his visionary leadership and social change expertise to designing second order change solutions for cities, countries and the planet that enable the seemingly impossible to become possible. Over the past four decades the initiatives he’s designed have won many awards and achieved much recognition.

In 1986 David organized, at the height of the cold war, the passing of a torch of peace around the world. The First Earth Run, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund directly engaged twenty-five million people and 45 heads-of-state in 62 countries. Over a billion people watched the torch via the media circumnavigate the globe. For 86 days wherever the torch of peace went all wars stopped and the world was united as one. Since then this modern day mythic story embodying humanity’s noblest aspiration for peace on earth and the oneness of humanity has continued to be told all over the world.

David is author of twelve books, including the award- winning Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World and the best-selling Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want It. He co-directs Empowerment Institute’s School for Transformative Social Change which empowers social entrepreneurs from around the world to design and implement second order change social innovations. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, and Johns Hopkins and served as an advisor to the Clinton White House and the United Nations on empowerment.

He is currently working on an initiative called: “A Bottom-Up Grand Strategy to Reinvent the Planet: Building Second Order Change Capacity Around the Five Strategic Levers—Climate, Development Peace, Knowledge and Money.” David has dedicated his life to empowering humanity to believe we can create the world of our dreams and designing the strategies and tools to help us make this a reality.

Kay Holzhauser

Kay Holzhauser

Advisor / International Expansion

Kay Holzhauser is an entrepreneur and business angel by heart. Kay and Sofie Ventures are among the first investors in a startup, and support their portfolio companies not only with capital but with real operations Know-how and access to an international network. They invest in rapidly scaleable Startups in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Sofie Ventures is supporting projects in mobility, social media platforms, and publishing think tanks like Electric Elephant Publishing. Apart from his activities at Sofie Ventures, Kay is a business angel and lead investor with Graphmasters.net focused on alleviating traffic in large cities through the NUNAV App. Kay grew up in Germany, Denmark and Australia and speaks Danish and French. Art and travelling are amongst his passions.

Bob Ornstein

Bob Ornstein

Legal Advisor

Bob is an experienced nonprofit leader, consultant, and attorney with over 40 years practicing law. He is founder of Nonprofit Excellence, working with and advising nonprofits and entrepreneurial organizations to build solid foundations for future growth and strategic mission-oriented on-going planning. Bob has a broad range of problem solving experience including mediation, litigation and effective/persuasive advocacy.


Debra Lieberman

Debra Lieberman


Debra Lieberman, Ph.D., is a media researcher at UC Santa Barbara, where she directs the university’s Center for Digital Games Research (www.cdgr.ucsb.edu).  From 2007 to 2013 at UC Santa Barbara she directed Health Games Research, a national program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to provide scientific leadership to advance the research, design, and effectiveness of health games.
Debra’s research focuses on processes of motivation, learning, attitude change, and behavior change with digital media and games, for various age groups and populations.  She also consults for health organizations, education agencies, and media and technology companies to improve user engagement and to help design and evaluate impactful digital media and games in areas such as learning, health, and climate awareness.  She has consulted for Apple, Broderbund, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, Knowledge Adventure, HopeLab, The Learning Company, Philips Healthcare (Motiva telehealth system), Pixar, UNICEF, WebTV, WestEd, Zowie Intertainment, and others.
Bill Sechrest

Bill Sechrest


Bill Sechrest is a board member and acting CFO of SimpliPhi Power, Inc., a Delaware corporation, a company that he co-founded in 2010 under the name Ojai Energy Systems, Inc. — www.simpliphipower.com.  
Since 2004, Bill has served on the Board of Directors of Tailored Brands, a NYSE company in various capacities including Lead Director and Chairman.    For ten years, Bill served on the Board of Directors of Ojai Community Bank and then OCB Bancorp.  Bill has also served on the Board of the Esalen Institute, the World Business Academy, Vitamin Angels Alliance, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, the Unity Church of Dallas, First Tee Dallas Chapter and is a past chairman of The Real Estate Council (Dallas) and the Community Development Assistance Corporation (CDAC) now known as The Real Estate Council Foundation.
Bill graduated with a B.A. in Economics from Stanford University in 1964 and a J.D. from Southern Methodist University Law School in 1967.  In 1973, Bill started the law firm now know as Winstead PC, and practiced law with that firm through 2006.  Bill is a member of the Texas Bar Association, the Dallas Bar Association and the American College of Real Estate Lawyers.  Bill is also a member of the law firm, Calhoun Bhella & Sechrest, Dallas, Texas.
Rinaldo Brutoco

Rinaldo Brutoco


Rinaldo S. Brutoco is a successful entrepreneur, executive, author and futurist, and the Founding President of the World Business Academy. Rinaldo has published numerous cutting-edge articles and books that address the role and responsibility of business in relation to the critical moral, environmental, and social concerns of the day. A regular keynote speaker at conferences and guest lecturer at business schools such as Stanford Business School, the Columbia Graduate School of Business, the Kellogg Graduate Business School at Northwestern University, and the Keenan-Flagler Graduate School of Business at North Carolina University. For over 25 years Rinaldo has been widely recognized as a practical visionary and change agent.

Core areas of Rinaldo’s work include clean energy, climate change analysis and mitigation; sustainable business strategy; values-driven leadership; the development of the human potential at work; global reconstruction; and innovative financial products for Sustainable Responsible Impact Investment (SRI).

Current Positions:

  • President, World Business Academy
  • Board Member, JUST Capital
  • Principal and CEO, The ShangriLa Group
  • Board Member, Tailored Brands, Inc (NYSE), and Audit Committee
  • Executive Committee Board Member, Chopra Foundation
  • President and Board Member, Omega Point Institute, Inc.
  • President and CEO, Seven Oaks Ranch, Inc.
  • President and CEO, Live Well Brands, Inc.

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